Governance, Risk & Compliance

Effectively manage IT governance and risk while also ensuring business and regulatory compliance. Quality Designs helps organizations analyze, audit and manage their governance, risk and compliance.


Our core concept behind IT governance is making sure that organizations align business strategy with IT strategy. This means that the goal of IT governance is ultimately to ensure that the processes governing evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of competing IT investments are driven by the overall business.

Risk & Compliance

Our IT governance are accompanied by processes to manage risk across the enterprise and also to ensure compliance with multiple regulations. We improve visibility to company wide risk, improve employee efficiency by automating controls and streamlining testing, implement necessary paperwork and controls to ensure compliance, and reduce the time to audit.

How can we help you

    We provide a single point of reference for managing risk associated with regulation and the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements.

    We offer a variety of risk and regulatory services to the market that includes:

  • Corporate governance
  • Identifying governance gaps and recommending governance improvements.

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Maintaining operational excellence for long term success.

  • Financial risk management
  • Identifying, measuring and managing market risk, credit risk and insurance risk.

  • Regulatory advisory
  • Helping you stay on top of your compliance issues – both at home and abroad.


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