Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise content management software is evolving, with solutions ranging from intelligent capture to records management and archiving, connecting information from across the enterprise with the people and systems that need it.

ECM solutions capture, store, activate, analyze and automate business content, providing new value from data that was previously unstructured and unavailable. We help your streamline access, eliminate holdups, enhance security and integrity and minimize overhead. Businesses can use ECM systems to reduce organizational risk and ensure that users get the documents and information they need.

ECM is an ongoing and evolving strategy for maximizing how your content is to be used. Digital transformation through collaboration, Quality Designs helps businesses accelerate digital transformation with a full view of enterprise information. We can manage unstructured content as part of your business processes more effectively while facilitating collaboration and storing content to avoid redundancies.

Key Features & Capabilities
  • Document Management
  • Managing your content, finding them quickly, linking them to business processes, sharing them across in/out of the organization. Powerful search functionality allows users to easily find what they need. Providing secure management and instant access to a wide range of content, to ease business tasks and to help assure governance and compliance

  • Workflow Management
  • We offer paper-based processes by electronically routing documents from one person to the next. We automate workflows to present the relevant information. Using ECM to automate vital but repetitive human tasks, to minimize error- prone manual work

  • Capture
  • The integrated scanning capability manages high-volume and low-volume scanning requirements, automates metadata tagging, and supports key business systems and all major scanning hardware. Documents can be captured and digitized using a variety of methods, including scanning paper documents and creating electronic forms, or importing content that was already digital, such as Microsoft Office documents, photos or PDFs.

  • Records Management
  • We create classification plans, retention periods and disposition policies. You can leverage this capability for enterprise records across multiple systems.

  • Content Access
  • Access business documents from any location, ensuring consistent information flow and increasing the efficiency of global business processes.

  • Archiving
  • Automatically store data and documents on a secure archive server. You can off- load data from production systems, for improved system performance and faster upgrades.


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